4D Spinnerbaits are proudly handcrafted by a fisherman in the town of Shepparton in the heart of the Goulburn Valley, Victoria. I have been a fisherman for 38 years and fishing has been a huge part of my life, being shown the tricks of the trade as a young bloke by my father and grandfather who were both well known in our local area as exceptional fisherman. 

I use only the best quality components and workmanship that is second to none. To gain that perfect finish and durability our jig heads are hand poured and painted by a professional within the industry.  Mustad 32608N Ultra Point hooks and heavy duty 040 & 045 stainless steel wire make 4D Spinnerbaits strong enough to land the trophy Cod we all would love to catch.

A large range of Willow & Colorado blades are available. Quality stainless steel ball bearing swivels allow our blades to spin freely creating excellent flash and thump in the water.

4D Spinnerbaits are available in sizes 1/4oz to 1oz and Single, Dual, Twin & Quad Spin blade combinations.

Thank you for visiting my website and remember, Life’s Short…Fish Hard!!!

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